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Since 1984, Chia-Jeng has been devoted to researching and developing any foam related products. We specialize in the production of EVA/AEPE, PE, PU and any other kinds of applications and were awarded with the ISO9001 quality certification. However, our focus goes beyond the products we innovated and manufactured. As a leading OEM factory of football protective equipment and one of the few manufacturers producing EVA foam related products in Taiwan, Chia Jeng serves its clients with global capabilities while maintaining individual commitment.

Prior to client trials and mass production, we make sure that all new products and materials are thoroughly tested, assessed, and optimized at every level of the development process. Chia Jeng provides both ODM and OEM services. We have extensive experience working on modification projects with clients and are acutely aware of the significance of each unique application need.

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Art and Living
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Outdoor and Leisure

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Ann Peterson

Ann is a CEO and the main person in our operation


Luis Calvillo

Luis is a professional driver for Global since 2010


Jason Bailey

Jason is the CTO of Global and plane pilot

Warehouse Manager

Sammy Lawson

Sammy is our Manager and an awesome guy